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Legal University Music Services Not Taking Off

A detailed story about the music service which have tied up through the Universties and colleges, and how they have not been adopted widely by students at these institutions. Some schools have dropped their services, and others are considering doing so or have switched to other providers.
There’s a simple explanation: lots of students have iPods, and they don’t work with any of the services such as Napster, Rhapsody, Cdigix or Ruckus. Plus restrictions on these subscription service where they can’t keep the songs after the students graduate college.
The number of students using Napster at George Washington University dropped by more than half between the first and second year, from one-third to one-seventh of eligible users. Even at schools where more than half of the students use the services, few choose to buy songs. Only 2% of students at the University of Rochester reported buying a song that they had downloaded from Napster in a fall 2005 survey of about 700 students. In the same survey, 10% said they downloaded songs from other services — not necessarily legally — after finding one they liked on Napster.