Is Tracy “converting” to a slate Tablet PC?

Le1600Tracy Hooten, blogger extraordinaire at the StudentTabletPC blog, is giving pure slates another chance. Better yet: she’s outlining the reasons this didn’t work out the first time she dropped the keyboard as well as what has changed in order for her to give it another go. Not only have we seen relatively large performance gains in newer Tablet iterations, but screens are markedly better as well. I was on the same fence not too long ago; in fact Tracy and I both used the convertible M200 machines for some time. It was tricky to take the plunge, but for all intents and purposes, I moved to a small slate with the Q1. Ironically, I left my Bluetooth keyboard at home today, so it’s "all slate, all day" for me too.

If you’re in the market for your first tablet or even a replacement, you might find Tracy’s thoughts well worth reading. Don’t forget to share your convertible vs. slate thoughts in our comments!



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