iRex iLiad invites available at MobileRead


IliadiRex is on the cusp of releasing their iLiad eBook reader and if you’re interested in this standalone device, you can get an invite from MobileRead. Why would you want an invite? iRex has setup the "invite" list as a current requirement for purchase, almost like a pre-order intent. The device is reported to cost over $800 in Europe, but that price includes the VAT which we don’t have here. Even without the VAT, the price sounds a little steep for what’s generally a single function device.



Ryan Armstrong

Prime View launches E Ink ODM/OEM services

Just about a year after Prime View International (PVI) acquired the electrophoretic display business of Philips, the company is now ready to offer ODM/OEM services to customers who want to develop and low-cost volume produce their own E Ink-based products such as e-book displays, e-reader and e-price labels.

PVI’s e-paper business builds upon a solid track record with key clients such as Sony (“Sony LIBRIe”) and Jinke Electronics (“Hanlin eBook V2”).

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