Akihabara’s HD video starring the Q1


Q1hdAkihabara started up HD videos in 720p earlier this year and the latest installment features the Q1.  Unique to the overseas version of this UMPC is the integrated digital TV tuner, so you can get a good look at how that works. Since the U.S. version of the Q1 doesn’t include a TV tuner, you could always add a USB- tuner or do what I do: leverage your tuner at home with a Slingbox.

An HD camera really does justice to showing off a device and while I can’t afford to go HD for recording I do need to find a decent DV camera; any suggestions in the $400 to $500 range?




Why don’t you try a sanyo Xacti C6 for example. this device is very light, use SDCards and you can get veru good video at 640x480x30fps in MPEG4. i’m buy one on geekstuff4u store to films tablet PC for reviews. i think it’s a good product! take a look at this product !

Lorie Ghamy

The ADS Tech Mini Dual TV is running well on my Samsung Q1.

I just need to run the ADS Media TV program in 800 x 600 then i come back to 800 x 480 for right TV screen format. It’s a TNT and analogique tuner with antenna and remote control with really good picture and sound. And ADS Media TV is nice for audio files, photo browsing, and video files. Ready for burning CD standard or MP3, print CD or DVD with photo slide show, clean advertising from recorded video before to burn a DVD.


Best regards from Paris (France)



For most purposes the Canon Z series is lightweight, under $300, and a good buy. I use it to tape my interns while teaching.


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