Samsung Q1 extended battery adds little bulk but over 5 hours of juice


Q1battCarrypad UMPC Journal spotted a pic of the new Samsung Q1 extended battery and if I didn’t already have a universal external battery, I’d strongly consider this product. For around $165, the Samsung battery adds around 5.5 hours of juice as well as a little bulk at the bottom of the UMPC. I don’t see the extra extension as an issue as I rest my wrist on the bottom bezel of the device a majority the time; I’d expect the extra space to be a larger "wrist rest".



Matt Smith

Turns out that the person at Frys didn’t know what he was talking about. They’re now telling me 3 weeks.

Anton P. Nym

Looks to me that it’ll only affect the 80% easel stand, making the Q1 lean back a bit further when in use. Don’t know how much that will affect screen visibility. It looks as if the 20% stand will be largely unaffected.

I’m looking forward to picking one up, as 5+ hours of battery life (plus the 3 hours on the standard battery) would make the Q1 great for long trips as well as daily use… fingers crossed I can find one when I visit Chicago in a couple of weeks.

— Steve

Mike Cane

What does this do to its positioning vis a vis the built-in stand? Can’t be good…

Matt Smith

I was over at Fry’s in Fountain Valley, CA last night and was told that these were arriving in their Thursday or Friday trucks along with the car mounts. I might give this battery a try, but I’m happy enough with the combination of my standard battery and the external battery pack.

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