jkOnTheRun in August PC World…sort of.


Pcworld_augI was browsing the digital August edition of PC World on the Q1 in Zinio this afternoon and what did I eye-spy? There’s jkOnTheRun right on page 114! Wow, first the blog is named to the CNET Top 100 Blogs and then we see it in print?!? Actually, the mag didn’t exactly recognize jkOnTheRun directly. Rather, they’re running a fantastic article on different on-line news options called "Web News Wranglers" and snapped a pic of Techmeme on a day that we were picked up by the aggregator. Hey a pic is worth a thousand page views, right? ;) Maybe not when it’s blurry and you have to squint…

In related, but equally low-key non-news, CNET was kind enough to run our UMPC unboxing video on their new "Out of the Box" video series. Anyone can submit their unboxing video for a day in the sun, however, we’re thrilled that CNET actually approached us and asked to use the video after viewing it here.


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