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MSFT’s Wireless Music Player To Launch By Christmas: Reuters

Updated below: The speculation will continue, until, well, it ends: Microsoft will start selling a wireless digital music and video player which will let users download music and videos over the air, Reuters writes quoting a source. Microsoft has also been showing a new media software, developing an application akin to iPod/iTunes integrated ecosystem (I thought the new WMP 11 was a step in that direction anyway).
Robbie Bach, appointed president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division in December, is working with J. Allard, VP of its Xbox team, on the unnamed digital media player/software project, the story says.
Updated: NYTimes: Microsoft’s device, which is similar to an existing player that uses the company’s software, would also have a more advanced video screen…Microsoft had not yet received commitments from the networks to supply programming to its online store.
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