jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #21- Mobile PC recovery strategies


Listen to jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #21 here 7.0 MB, 20 minutes)

Jkcoverart_2_11This show it’s back to the basics with a pure audio podcast that looks at recovery strategies for mobile PCs that do not have an optical drive or in some cases a keyboard.  I offer some common sense strategies for preparing now for the unthinkable crash that leaves your UMPC/ Origami, Tablet PC, or other ultra-portable unable to boot.  Instead of having a brick on your hands these tips might let you get back up and running.  If you have your own tips and advice for recovering an unresponsive device please leave them in the comments to share with others.

Fred Langa’s articles on InformationWeek covering Windows XP recovery methods are mentioned on this show.

Enjoy the show!

Intro music:  Rock City Crimewave by the Black Furies
Outro music:  Joyride by Mr. Nasty

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