Earthlink To Open Store In San Francisco


In an attempt to better convince all those digruntled phone company customers to sign up with Earthlink, the company plans to open an old fashioned brick and mortar retail outlet later this week in downtown San Francisco. The store, which will likely open Thursday or Friday according to an Earthlink spokesperson, will be at 1 Front Street, and is intended to help those fed up with Bells and CableCos learn about Earthlink’s products.

For now its only going to be a test-run open for a month, to see if the company can successfully convert walk-ins. It’s smart to move slowly, given its got to cost a chunk of change to rent a high profile store front in dowtown SF even for a month. But maybe it’ll help the company on its more-than ambitious (some would say foolhardy) quest to sell new types of communications services. Last week the company opened a store in Seattle, and plans to followup in other markets where it sells VoIP landline service.

Earthlink's Store in San Francisco



10% chance of succeeding. Anyone been in a store yet? Maybe if the implementation is really good…

1) Helio desperately needs retail distribution. Online, Agent stores and Tower Records don’t suffice.

2) EarthLink’s bundled voice DSL (or in some areas cable) offer is almost the only way ELNK can hope to compete against $13-40 DSL from the telcos. ELNK voice is a failing product.

EarthLink fights hard and stubbornly, but this company should be LBOed, gutted and run for cash. The nascent muni-WIFI business might actually be worth spinning out – even if the current Tropos/Canopy technology doesn’t work, the Right Of Way franchise rights and city relationships will become more valuable as the technology improves.

SKT will end up controlling Helio anyway as ELNK won’t pony up the next $x00M needed to keep Helio alive.

David Brunelle

I now wish I could delete my comment… I just saw you mentioned the Seattle store (note to self: read more thouroughly before commenting)

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