Canadian Recipe Site Bought Out By Transcontinental


Transcontinental, Montreal-based media firm which owns popular domestic magazines such as Canadian Living, has bought Zoupla Communications, operator of the French-language recipe website and The price was not disclosed, but the story says it was only a few million dollars.
The acquisition comes a few weeks after Transcontinental told analysts it wants to pursue a bigger Internet strategy. Transcontinental CEO Luc Desjardins said that the company wants to buy several small, online properties in Canada that it can build into websites with national audiences, and is willing to spend close to $50 million for them.
Transcontinental already owns 23 magazine websites in Canada and 47 community newspaper sites. It also operates a French-language newscast on the Web called Les Affaires and has launched an on-line classified site.
More details about the acquisition in the release.

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