B-Flex USB speakers be small


BflexI suppose you could get speakers smaller than these, but then you’d have to put them in your ears and call them earbuds. The B-Flex USB speakers look like a perfect complement to a handheld computing device with a spare USB port. Forgetting how they look for a second, how do they sound? Well, they have decent specs for their size: a frequency range of 200 to 20,000 Hz ought to provide all the highs and all but the low end of lows for your audio pleasure, but the 1 Watt per channel output seems a little anemic. The USB cable is flexible so you can point these babies in any direction you want; that comes in handy since OEMs appear to be putting USB ports on practically every side of devices these days. $40 and the B-Flex be yours in a package measuring less than 7-inches by 3.25-inches.


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