ATEKsoft CoolCamera extends your Smartphone camera

Coolcamera_2I don’t use the integrated 1.3 mega pixel shooter in my XV6700 all that often; the image quality is just so-so and I don’t really have that much control over the camera settings. That all might change thanks to ATEKsoft’s CoolCamera application. This will only work with certain Smartphones, most notably those made by HTC, but adds some nice features:

- High frame rate (up to 25 fps) and smooth video.
- Efficient encoding algorithm
- Easy camera control. All actions can be performed using hardware buttons only.
- Camera adjustment without leaving view-finder mode.
- Interval picture capturing.
- High resolution video in Motion Jpeg AVI format.
- Pause/resume video recording process.
- Webcamera mode (even through Wi-Fi!)

I particually like the last feature where the software allows you to use your Smartphone camera as a webcam for various VoIP and IM clients like Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. The software costs $14.90, but you can download a limited trial directly from ATEKsoft.

(via Mobile Gadget News)



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