Asus R2H info on FCC site



Just a quick blurb since many folks have shown interest in the Asus UMPC entry: the R2H. According to OnlyUMPC, the Asus Origami device has cleared FCC testing in preparation for a U.S. launch. Head on over for links to the product manual as well as plenty of those goofy looking FCC pics with the device paired with rulers and various Dr. Who-like testing equipment. Last we heard, the R2H was expected here in August, so the timing seems just about right.



Raphael Salgado

This is a serious contender for me, since I so much wanted a front-facing camera. The GPS is an added, welcome bonus that the UX180P doesn’t have. But, if memory serves me correctly, I had to part with my old U70P a while back due to a strong need of an integrated hardware keyboard, so I’ll have to stick with the UX180P…


The device seems to have a few features that make it more tempting than the Samsung Q1. Is anything known about the batttery life and expected US price?

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