Likes and disappointments of ink in Vista


Rob Bushway is running Vista on his Tablet PC and recently has given a lot of thought about what he likes about the new Tablet-specific features in Vista and also what disappoints him about the next version of the operating system.  Rob correctly expresses his disappointment that the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) is still the primary method of using the pen in Vista, and laments the fact that even the new PIM programs that will appear in Vista do not natively support ink.  I agree with Rob that this is a missed opportunity for Microsoft and hope that it doesn’t portend a permanent direction that MS is taking.

There are a lot of new things to love about Vista on a Tablet PC and Rob does a great job sharing those with us.  The Handwriting Recognition Training, or handwriting personalization as MS calls it,  is a super new feature that lets the individual user improve on the already good recognition accuracy in XP.  Predictive text is a nice new feature reminiscent of Pocket PCs where the OS will suggest likely words you are entering after just a few letters.  This will cut down on the amount of data you have to enter before the proper word can be completed with just a tap of the pen.  Flicks are gestures that allow the user to accomplish a number of different tasks with the interface, like scrolling up/ down with just a “flick” of the pen.

If you are curious about using Vista on a Tablet PC I urge you to check out both of Rob’s articles on the subject.


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