ProjectRoadmap- handle your projects and travel plans on a Tablet PC


Project Roadmap 2Road warriors who spend much of their life on business trips likely are already familiar with the benefits that can be gained using a highly mobile Tablet PC.  What would help make that Tablet PC even more useful to the frequent traveller is a program that helps manage projects, task, and travel plans while using digital ink on the Tablet.  Design Universe has released a program that claims to do all of that and more, ProjectRoadmap.  ProjectRoadmap helps handle notes, appointments, tasks, contacts, email and travel information all using an ink-friendly interface.  All ProjectRoadmap information can be synchronized with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes.

How do these features sound (from the product web site):

Project Roadmap 1Tablet PC software designed specifically for the busy traveller. A unique set of pre-defined electronic forms which help you with all aspects of travelling; from packing your things to booking flights and hotels, to planning your meetings or mapping your tour of an exotic destination. Complete the forms in natural handwriting on your Tablet PC, and let the computer recognize it into text, look up your maps, connect you to your Airline’s website, and more. It’s the ultimate Sidekick for the jet-set!

For the preparation of a meeting, To Dos can be acquired, synchronized with MS Outlook or sent as an email directly from the smart form with a mouse-click.

Select your airline, book your flight and, with a click of your mouse, completely insert the data into your smart form. Plan your route on a mapping web site and insert the map into the smart form. The travel costs can be easily calculated within the smart form.

There is no pricing information on the web site nor does there appear to be a downloadable trial version so the program is likely not quite available for purchase yet.  Project Roadmap certainly appears to be worth keeping an eye out for the release date.


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