APC Universal Plug Adapter


I don’t do much travel in my job these days but a few years back I used to travel to Europe (France mostly) 4 – 6 times a year.  To make sure I would always have the proper plug I had one of those kits that come in a big bag so that no matter what country I was travelling to I would always have the proper plug adapter.  Cool Tools points to a product that I would have killed for back then, the APC Universal Plug Adapter.  No more bags, just one small adapter that has tips for the outlets in most European and Asian countries.  $16.




Chris Magnusson

According to the second “Miscellaneous” image on the APC site, this item does have the typical North American grounding pin, but it does not appear to be made of an electricity-conductive material. I’d consider this if I did a fair bit of world travel with just a cell phone or PDA, but I wouldn’t use this with a notebook/tablet/anything else that needs to be grounded.


This looks pretty neat, however, my laptop AC adapter has a grounded plug. I looked at several different views from various angles on the APC web site. It was tough to tell, but it didn’t look like this thing accepts grounded plugs.

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