Palmsolo loves his Samsung Q1


Matt Miller, aka palmsolo, has been using a Samsung Q1 for over a month and is loving his Origami/ UMPC!  Matt has chosen to leave the laptop at home and taken the Q1 on some business trips and he is blogging about the experience on the road with the device.  He has posted a list of his likes and dislikes on his Palmsolo blog and chronicled his travelling experiences on his Mobile Gadgeteer blog on ZDNet.  Here’s a sample of what Matt likes about the Samsung Q1:

  • Awesome portable media center with very good stereo speakers. I use WMP and also iTunes and really like the AVS Now feature
  • Portable slate tablet at a good price
  • Great in-car GPS system I use with Streets & Trips 2006 and my Bluetooth GPS
  • Very light and easy to carry on flights
  • Integrated stand is a great bonus I use every day
  • Nice to have integrated CF slot. I bought a SD to CF adapter too to use with my camera and other devices
  • Nice bright display
  • Good quality WiFi radio that picks up a ton of access points
  • High quality mics for Skype use


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