OQO drops price $200- too little too late?


It seems that OQO disappeared from the news since the rival product UMPCs started shipping and I was wondering when we would hear anything from them.  I guess they are feeling the heat as they recently announced that they were dropping the price of the OQO by $200 so the 3 different models they offer now start at $1699.  This is no doubt due to the pressure that OQO must be feeling from the competition as the UMPCs are still much cheaper than the OQO.  The OQO is a nicely designed device but since consumers are complaining about the price of UMPCs like the Samsung Q1 ($1099) the folks at OQO must be reeling.

The new pricing of the OQO models still reflects a huge difference over UMPCs as the OQO that ships with the Tablet OS installed is still $1899.

OQO new prices



Lorie Ghamy

The 1GHz Transmeta is a slow processor… A sort of turtle unable to go with Premiere Element 2 (for exemple) because no SSE2 comptible. The soft refuse to go on ! Never change my Samsung Q1 for a Oqooo. And you have two Samsung for the price !

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