Anaheim Is Now Unwired

Earthlink, the beleaguered ISP which is betting the farm on municipal wireless turned on its Muni WiFi network in the city of Anaheim. Earthlink calls its WiFi initiatives – Feather. The network went live on June 29 at a “wire cutting ceremony”. Curt Pringle, the Mayor of Anaheim officially ‘unwired’ the City at a wire cutting ceremony, which was also attended by Motorola, Tropos Networks and of course Earthlink executives. (More reports here.)

The service on this network is going to cost $21.95 a month. A $3.95 for a one-hour pass to $15.95 for a three-day pass are also available. The network will also serve as a platform for City, business and wholesale partners to access EarthLink’s municipal network for their employees and end-users. In addition to the network, the company has also signed up wholesale partners – PeoplePC (EarthLink’s wholly-owned subsidiary) and DirecTV – who will get access to the Earthlink Muni WiFi Networks. In addition, EarthLink has reached a non-binding agreement with AOL and is discussing ways to offer its content and Web assets on EarthLink’s municipal network.

PS: if you live in Anaheim, I would like you to send me a review of the service if you end up using it. An honest and on the ground appraisal of the service.