You’ll never get any work done now- InkDoku for the Tablet PC available


Just when you got into a productivity rhythm with your Tablet PC along comes InkDoku and brings it to a standstill.  InkDoku is a version of Sudoku, that addictive and even maddeningly simple game that makes time fly by.  InkDoku is a product of GFL Systems and is played with the pen and if you have an eraser pen it supports that too.  The program is $9.95 and you can download a free trial to take it for a spin.





Why would you buy this when Microsoft has a free trial? Because I have tried them both, and simply stated, Inkdoku is easier to use, and gets you wrapped up in the game. I find Microsoft’s version cumbersome and a little frusterating… but you try them both and see for yourself.


My father introduced me to this game and after the beginner boards, intermediate and advance boards drive me insane.

I wasted a vacation at the beach playing Sudoku.


I’m a bit confused as to why – supporting Tablet PC software vendors aside – you’d buy this when Microsoft has a free version of the game?

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