Teachers paying teachers

This post is not about mobile tech but since we often touch upon subjects of interest in the education field I think this article on CNN is worth mentioning.  Paul Edelman founded TeachersPayTeachers.com in April and the premise of the site is pretty cool.  Teachers sign up for a $29.95 annual fee and can then post their lectures and other course material for sale to other teachers.  Most items go for a dollar or two and cover a broad spectrum of subject matter. 

“We’re all out there looking for different things,” said Ron Hubbard, 36, a fifth-grade teacher in San Ramon, California, who has purchased 11 items for $41. “Each class is different, each year is different. You like to put your own little spin on it.”

Hubbard, for example, picked up some timelines on American history, logic games for his gifted students, and a software program that lets him randomly select pairings of students. He’s pleased.

I am all for teachers who create materials that help educate our children sharing that with other teachers and maybe helping cover their costs somewhat in the bargain.  I know a lot of teachers and they spend a lot of their own money to come up with innovative ways to help kids not only learn but to get enthusiastic about doing so.  Kudos to Mr. Edelman and I wish him much success, and the teachers too.



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