GPS on a Samsung Q1


Our friend Uli Suratos is back with more information about using the Samsung Q1 and this time he’s using GPS with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006.  The GPS receiver is a CF receiver from Haicom, finally showing Kevin what you can do with the CF slot.  Uli, why don’t you use a Bluetooth receiver for wireless navigation?





I’m also trying to put Haicom 305III into Q1’s CF slot. But Q1 does not recognize the device driver provided in Haicom 305III’s cd. How do you make it work? Any hint?


What kinda mount is that? Can we see the car mount in better details. I’m search all over for a mount that suit me. The oem mount that samsung sells blocks too much windshield, cops would be all over if I do use that. It could be the reason why I haven’t spot it yet.


Hi KJ, I didn’t use Bluetooth because I’ll have to supply that with another power cable then I have to open up my Bluetooth places every time I would want to use the gps. CF gps is less work. For me less is more. Thanks for sharing my stuff more power to you and your crew!

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