Comcast Plans For An Open Portal

Somehow, I have a hard time believing the broad sweep that this story portrays, but at least becomes plausible in light of Comcast’s acquisition of thePlatform. The story says Comcast is buying new technology and accumulating broadband rights to a wide variety of content that it plans to make available on its website, and through that to the TV. In addition, in a first among cable players, Comcast wants to make its broadband content available not just to its own subscribers but to users of the Internet everywhere.
The open-portal might launch sometime next year, and like, it will make most videos available for free. But it will also include a “Comcast store” that will sell high-value videos, like recent episodes of popular TV programs.
Comcast has one leg up on these potential competitors: close ties with the cable programmers to whom Comcast pays roughly $5 billion a year for cable content. Comcast has already used its muscle to convince many of these programmers to provide content for its ambitious VOD lineup, which now includes thousands of free segments….the company is using the same strategy to secure broadband rights in its talks with numerous content companies, including Sony Corp., Disney, NBC Universal and Warner Brothers.
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