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C1 is a new UMPC, but not an Origami

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C1_1Over at the Origami Project, one of the forum readers replied to one of my posts with some interesting info for those down under (Hugo & Craig: this means you mates!). Jonathan brings news of a new UMPC device called the C1 that has some interesting specs, but isn’t quite an Origami device. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great device; time will tell on that one. Two quick reasons this Australian distributed device doesn’t qualify as "Origami" is the 8.4-inch touchscreen and the fact that it’s not supplied with the Tablet Edition of Windows XP. Having said that, the C1 does offer some compelling aspects such as:

  • Native resolution of 800 x 600
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • 1 GB DDR RAM
  • An AGP graphics interface
  • 1 GHz Via Eden CPU
  • 10 Hotkey buttons
  • A PCMCIA Type II Slot

It’s the last specification that sets this device apart from the current UMPCs on the market as 3G connectivity options are currently most prevalent by using PC cards. I don’t see a price as of yet, but I wouldn’t mind taking a look at one of these and installing the Tablet PC Edition OS on it!


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