Auto-screen Smartphone calls with PhoneGate

PhonegateGetting telemarketer calls on your SmartPhone? Is that pesky neighbor calling you to complain about your lawn again? (Actually, we’ve seen it and it could use a cutting; you know who we’re talking to) You can stop these calls dead in their tracks with PhoneGate for Windows Mobile from Maxicon. This $7.77 piece of software allows you to set up VIP contacts from Outlook so they get through, yet provides a lovely busy signal for those that didn’t make your list. There are three modes in the software to help you focus on only the calls you want:

  • Reject all calls
  • Reject all calls except VIP numbers
  • Accept all calls except unwanted numbers

You can pick this handy software up at Handango where there’s also downloadable trial. Oh and don’t call me, I’ll call you. ;)

(via Windows For Devices)



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