Auto-screen Smartphone calls with PhoneGate

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PhonegateGetting telemarketer calls on your SmartPhone? Is that pesky neighbor calling you to complain about your lawn again? (Actually, we’ve seen it and it could use a cutting; you know who we’re talking to) You can stop these calls dead in their tracks with PhoneGate for Windows Mobile from Maxicon. This $7.77 piece of software allows you to set up VIP contacts from Outlook so they get through, yet provides a lovely busy signal for those that didn’t make your list. There are three modes in the software to help you focus on only the calls you want:

  • Reject all calls
  • Reject all calls except VIP numbers
  • Accept all calls except unwanted numbers

You can pick this handy software up at Handango where there’s also downloadable trial. Oh and don’t call me, I’ll call you. ;)

(via Windows For Devices)


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That looks great but what I really want to do is automatically send the ca1ler to voicemail not reject them. Any ideas?

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