New Electrovaya Tablet PC accessories coming soon


Electrovaya_scribblerThis is perfect timing as James is considering a new slate Tablet PC and the Electrovaya Scribbler is on his list. At the C3 Expo in New York City, Electrovaya mentioned three new accessories that could move the Scribbler up the list for James.

First up: a new multi-use power pack, likely an external standalone, that charges the Scribbler, a phone, an iPod and more; USB ports are built in. Next there’s a new keyboard that includes an integrated optical drive. Finally, as if 9-hours of battery life wasn’t enough with the Super Polymer LiON battery: an extended battery for an extra hour of juice; the new batt is the same physical size as the standard batt so it must have a "Super Duper" Polymer design!



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