WC3 publishes Mobile Web Best Practices


W3c_main_2Good news from the World Wide Web Consortium, or WC3, today: they have a press release on their new "Mobile Web Best Practices" document. Best practices aren’t standards or protocols that must be followed, but at least they’re taking a step in the right direction. Between Java, BREW, WAP and more, mobile device users need some type of continuity in the pages and services that they access. From a developers point of view, these best practices provide some level of consistency in the expectations of how their work will be used and viewed. There’s no question that we’ll have a wide array of devices running on a even wider array of web platforms, but as consumers of mobile devices, eventual standards would go a long way towards a more satisfying mobile web experience.

Have any horror stories about a bad mobile web experience to share?

(via The Mobile Gadgeteer)


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