UMPC Emulator for your Origami-osity


Jkotr_umpcSo UMPCs have been out and about for around two months and now you’re curious. One of the most often questions I hear about them is: what it’s like to work in XP on an 800×480 screen? Well, back in March, Hugo Ortega demonstrated this; on a touch screen Tablet PC, no less, which just added to the experience. You don’t need a touch screen tablet to satisfy your Origami-osity, however. In fact, you don’t need a Tablet PC at all. Just hit up Microsoft’s UMPC Emulator download, which is a free 1.2 MB file.

The emulator leaves your computer monitor at the same physical resolution, but presents your XP desktop in an 800×480 area surrounded by a masked image of the Amtek-based UMPCs. This is a great way to see exactly what a UMPC looks like running Windows XP and any applications you have on your computer.


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