Props to Verizon Wireless for leading the pack (for a change)


Verizonwireless_1Typically equated with industry high fees and rigid contracts, Verizon Wireless might finally be listening to all the mobile masses who glibly chant "Can you hear me now?" The wireless voice and data company is making changes that break from the traditional company approaches that appear to bully customers around. Instead of the standard and time-honored full cancellation fee for customers that terminate the contract early, Verizon Wireless will prorate that fee to adjust for what I like to call "time served."

Instead of treating new and potential customers better than existing customers, Verizon Wireless will also look to allow handset upgrades at new-subscriber prices. To qualify under the new handset upgrade rules, you’ll need to have a calling plan at $50 a month for 12 months, which appears to replace the "new every two" plan currently in place. OK, now who’s scopin’ out a new Smartphone as a result?

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I read your post above and got REAL excited. Since I have had my current phone for 13 months, I have the $50 share plan with hubby, and wanted to get the latest and greatest phone.

However, your $50 quote above is incorrect according to Verizon’s website.

This is the information from their Merits program as given online.

Keep up with the latest in wireless technology. As a Merits member, you’ll be eligible to upgrade any phone on a single-line Calling Plan or a primary line on a Family SharePlan® Calling Plan with monthly access of $79.99 or higher, once every 12 months as opposed to every 22 months. And you’ll do so at the lowest promotional price available.

Guess I will have to wait the 24 months or sweet talk one of the people at my local Verizon store.


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