No wonder we’re getting so many tips from Cornwall!


Goonhilly_dish_2_203Meet Phil. Phil is from Cornwall in the UK. Phil is a long time MobileTechRoundup listener and jkOTR reader. Phil has given us quite a few mobile tech story tips lately (which we appreciate!) and I think I know why. In fact, I’m wondering why Phil didn’t tip us off to THIS story since I think it’s in his relative backyard.

The Goonhilly satellite station in Cornwall, just got an upgrade in a big way. Turns out that this internet cafe is now hooked up to BT’s network where users can get download speeds of up to 100 Mbps! I’ve often thought that my download speeds at Starbucks are that fast, but I’m thinking the Triple Grande Latte with extra sugar might have something to do with that. The way I see it, Phil can find those news stories and send ’em to us faster than most folks these days. Then again, with a station name of "Goonhilly", I’m starting to understand why he kept "mum" on this particular one. Just kidding, Phil! Cheers!!



Philip Ferris

Will do kevin though I’ll do it in 2 parts, I wasn’t clear above but the frappe will be next Tuesday when I visit the Starbucks nearest to me that I know of – 120 miles away; the visit to Goonhilly I might even do a voice clip or two on the x51v to test out the Resco Sound Explorer software I have.

If you thought the name was funny, how about the address of the Station – Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station:

1 Charlie Chaplin Walk
Goonhilly Downs
Helston TR12 6LQ

If you or James ever came to Cornwall it’s one of the places I’d take you – what are some of the others? Ahh, I feel a blog entry coming on.

Cheers from a now sunny Cornwall Phil

Kevin C. Tofel

Phil, when you head over to Goonhilly, let us know what the uber-fast experience is like…and have a Caramel-Banana cream frappe on me. ;)

Philip Ferris

Oh my goodness – do you know how embarrassing this is!?!?!

I caught a 2 minute newsflash on our local television channel that the cyber cafe there allowed connection at 25 times normal speed after an upgrade, (mine’s a Caramel-Banana cream frappe by the way).

I assumed (fatal thing to do) they meant 25 times dialup – not thinking that would be under 1.5 MB and not worth broadcasting!

I am not sure I should admit this but I am only 10 miles from Goonhilly (More redness of the cheeks).

It’s like a number of things close to home, Goonhilly just doesn’t register. I’ll blog a little about the place in general on my blog later –

Thanks for picking up on this and giving me a wakeup call – hey maybe I’ll even use a visit later this summer to try out the video into blog feature of

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