iHangman game for UMPC and Tablet PC


One of the oldest games is now available for your UMPC or Tablet PC and I have to tell you, it’s addicting! jkOTR reader and blogger in his own right, Frank (aka: CTitanic), developed this game specifically for the UMPC-sized screens and it fully supports inking. As a result, you can run this on any Tablet PC as well. The game has three different levels and comes with several word lists containing hundreds of words. You can also add your own words with a simple text editor if you own the registered version of the game.


You can download a trial of the application, which has four words to get you started. After that, you’ll want to hit Frank’s site for details on purchasing the full version. Aside from the fun factor, this is a great method for Tablet PC newcomers to hone their inking skills. Nice job Frank!



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