DVD Rental Kiosk Firm DVDPlay Raises $20 Million In Funding

DVDPlay, one of the main DVD rental kiosk firms, has received $20 million in venture funding. El Dorado Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners, Palo Alto Venture Partners and Vanguard Ventures participated equally in the funding. To date, the firm has has raised nearly $40 million.
The new financing will be used to fund the roll out of DVD rental kiosks. In addition, DVDPlay has secured a similar amount of lease financing commitments to support their installations through 2007. It has also appointed a new CEO. DVDPlay’s software and products enable dynamic pricing, promotions, inventory management, advertising and movie trailer insertions, as well as the capture and measurement of key business metrics, the company said.
I bet the company will change its name within two years….it is obvious why.