Buffalo intros dual-interface memory card



I was just about to pull the trigger on one of those SD cards that snap in half for their hidden USB interface and now MobileWhack reports that Buffalo has something similar. This memory card doesn’t fold in half; instead, there’s a small cap that you remove in order to use the USB interface. Come to think of it, small caps are easy to lose, so maybe I’ll stick with the original plan. For those of you that don’t need a GPS to find small, lost items, watch for the Buffalo RSDU memory card next month in capacities ranging from 256 MB to 2 GB.




This would work great for us idiots that bought a Dell 700m with the sd card slot that only reads a 1 gb card.



You need to get one of these or the Sandisk.

I went ahead when you and Slickdeals posted the $45 deal with the 1Gb Sandisk SD USB card and I love it.

I no longer have to carry my SD-to-USB adapter nor do I leave the adapter and SD card stuck in the USB port in my work desktop machine (yikes). I’ve had to drive back to work several times and get it. Now, it’s just a process of checking to see if the card is in my Treo 650, and away I go.

Also transferring movies and photos from the card to PC to the Net is a lot simpler with this card for some reason. Pull it out of the Treo, insert into OQO, and upload to site. My parents get a lot of video of my son now because of this.

Thanks for the tip (and making me spend money) when you posted the deal last time!

Dave Zatz

I wonder if it’s possible to just dump the cap altogether and skip that step (or the folding step with my SanDisk one). Though I may be getting a Fuji camera which means moving to the non-standard xD and my 6700 uses miniSD. How about a standard?!

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