Another happy Q1 owner and a UMPC tip


Samsung_q1_7We met Joey at the MobileTechRoundup meet up last week and while we’re not claiming any mobile device influence, Joey just informed me that he nabbed a Samsung Q1. From my initial impressions, Joey is definitely in the power user class: last week he showed us his MacBook Pro running Vista, for example. Just shows to go ya that UMPCs can be a companion device for heavy duty users too.

As far as Joey’s experiences so far with the Q1, he writes: "Wanted to tell you that I took the plunge after getting rid of all my gadgets and got a Q1. So far so good. A few quirks here and there but it’s kicking nonetheless." Here’s what Joey uses the Q1 for: "..mostly one note, music w/winamp, vlc fullscreen which rocks, and some browsing/blogging with Flock. Geckotip and Google browser synch is compatible now. "

Later in the note, Joey mentions something that’s definitely worth passing along to any UMPC owner that lusts after a keyboard. Why not use the one have for your desktop? "Was wondering if you ever used the open source tool Synergy. Allows you to share a keyboard. If you use a main machine and the samsung it’s the ticket." I completely agree with Joey and aside from Synergy, we’ve got a few other software KVM options for you too. Thanks Joey and keep us up to date with your Q1 experience!



Kevin C. Tofel

Ted, this actually isn’t as much as an issue as one would think. I previously used my EV-DO PCMCIA card in an M205 Tablet, but I gave up the M205 for the Q1 because I can use my EV-DO enabled XV-6700 Smartphone for EV-DO via Bluetooth or USB. Additionally, there are 32-bit USB to PCMCIA adapters on the way, so you have a few options. Personally, I think PCMCIA broadband cards are on the way out in favor of integrated 3G radios and phone tethering options.

Ted Hoisington

Thanks for the comments on the UMPC. There is one problem that I believe will severely limit the sales and usefulness of UMPCs. It is the lack of a PCMCIA slot. And, the only reason this is critical is to get access to an AirCard. We finally have a way to have broadband connectivity (at least in metropolitan areas). I’m talking about CDMA-EVDO broadband that is now available via Verizon and Sprint. Putting one of these in my Tablet PC has changed how I work. Access to my mail, my portal sites, and the Internet from anywhere is tremendous. I would like to have a UMPC but would never give up this capability. I hope the manufacturers get this message.


I just wanted to say how I love your site. I sort of have a tiny pc, but it’s just a Sony VGN-T140P. One of those 10″ notebooks. I got it around March 2005 and it’s been my favorite laptop so far. In the last year it’s been more durable than an 12″ iBook G4 I had, and a 15″ Apple Titanium Powerbook G4. No wear on it showing at all. I still love the very long battery life and 3 pound weight.

That new Sony you unboxed looked so cool. As well as the Q1 from when I first saw it. The VGN-T140P is my main desktop computer and I don’t really feel like I’m missing a thing. The screen does make my eyes strain though, but I hope to get a LCD this coming month to ease the strain.


Hi, I use my Q1 all day. I use it at work and at home too but it seemed like no one has mentioned it as a car pc/ carputer. I think that’s my edge, I get to charge it in my car. I use it as my GPS too along with Multimedia capabilities its a brilliant idea to have a mount on the car that you can easilly pull out. I have manage to do it with the cradle from the leather organizer and proclip mounting solution. Its an awesome device now I even have a karaoke in my car. lol. check it out!


Hi folks: very interesting comments indeed. The question I have for you is now that you have gathered some “real world” experience with the Q1, what is your take on battery life? Do you find it to be a limitation in working around with it all day?


Synergy is great and I use it to control my too-many computers from one mouse/keyboard setup.

That said, I don’t think it’s really the solution those who feel the UMPCs are lacking a keyboard are looking for. If I had a Q1 (still thinking… it feels too much like a first-generation device to me, but then I am usually an early adopter), I would rarely use it at my desk. Maybe to install some new software, but otherwise I’d imagine me using it primarily when I am “on the run”. And there Syngergy doesn’t do anything to ease the data entry

Does anyone know if Samsung is planning to release a cradle for the Q1? Does the device even have the equivalent of a docking station port that would facilitate “docking” the device without hooking up every cable separately?


I too have bought a Samsung Q1 as a companion device and I have found that I am using my laptop less and less as time goes on.I use the Q1 to take notes at client meetings,surf the web and check my email throughout the day.Also, the Q1 has become my gps device in my vehicle.I actually created a homemade car dock that I made by ripping out the built in frame from the Samsung organizer case ($60.00) and attaching it (via Velcro)to a windshield suction cup mount that I took from an old sirius satellite radio mount that I had lying around.I absolutely love this device.I ordered a battery from for extra juice during the day.It goes with me everywhere.

Kevin White

While I don’t have a UMPC (the one at our office hasn’t made it’s way to my desk yet), I do use Synergy and aside from some connection issues it really, really rocks. The connection issues are pretty much related to me endlessly sleeping and waking the laptop I use Synergy to control, and are totally miniscule compared to the absolute ease of using one keyboard and mouse to control two machines without paying one cent.

It also makes a great prank when you remember that you have automatic switching between machines by way of ‘hot edges’ of the screen, and your laptop is in the hands of someone else in another part of the office. :)


Great following your adventures with Sammy there Kevin. I’m a gadget nut too, and Jon has advised me a couple of times. I’ve found handheld PCs too limiting, and most of the time when traveling, a full laptop just a bit too much.

So, my question is: would you advise waiting for the next iteration in the hopes that it solves some downfalls (e.g., longer battery life), or is this first generation Q1 worth the plunge?


Kevin C. Tofel

Ironically, you’ve nailed my experience with the Q1 to a “T”. Other than podcast or video editing, I tend to use the Q1 more than my other computing devices, primarily becuase it’s more readily accessible. Thanks for sharing your experience; glad to hear it’s working out for you.


Kevin, after your great reviews I also bought a Samsung Q1 as a secondary device for my Toshiba Tecra M4. I bought the Tecra because it is my primary computer and I needed a powerhouse. However, I quickly grew tired of lugging it around from boardroom to boardroom or site to site just to take meeting notes during the work day. The majority of my “heavy duty” computing is done at home on my personal time. That is the reason that I bought the Q1 for work. The interesting thing I found out is that the Q1 can handle the majority of my computing tasks during the day. I now use it as my primary device all day long. In fact, in the three weeks that I have owned it my Tecra has been gathering dust. The only thing that I have not been able to use the Q1 for and needed the Tecra was to take care of some video editing. It is important to realize that I am on a computer twelve hours a day or more so it is pretty impressive that the Q1 meets most of my needs. Would I use it as my only PC? I would not. I do need a powerhouse occasionally and that is why I have the Tecra, but it is not getting the attention it used to. I know that people complain about the lack of keyboard and battery life, but I bought a bluetooth keyboard and my Tecra battery although new, still does not last as long as the Q1. As a secondary device this is perfect, but I believe that most people will notice that they will use it more than their “primary” device.

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