Another happy Q1 owner and a UMPC tip

Samsung_q1_7We met Joey at the MobileTechRoundup meet up last week and while we’re not claiming any mobile device influence, Joey just informed me that he nabbed a Samsung Q1. From my initial impressions, Joey is definitely in the power user class: last week he showed us his MacBook Pro running Vista, for example. Just shows to go ya that UMPCs can be a companion device for heavy duty users too.

As far as Joey’s experiences so far with the Q1, he writes: "Wanted to tell you that I took the plunge after getting rid of all my gadgets and got a Q1. So far so good. A few quirks here and there but it’s kicking nonetheless." Here’s what Joey uses the Q1 for: "..mostly one note, music w/winamp, vlc fullscreen which rocks, and some browsing/blogging with Flock. Geckotip and Google browser synch is compatible now. "

Later in the note, Joey mentions something that’s definitely worth passing along to any UMPC owner that lusts after a keyboard. Why not use the one have for your desktop? "Was wondering if you ever used the open source tool Synergy. Allows you to share a keyboard. If you use a main machine and the samsung it’s the ticket." I completely agree with Joey and aside from Synergy, we’ve got a few other software KVM options for you too. Thanks Joey and keep us up to date with your Q1 experience!



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