Would you wait 248 minutes to test-drive Office 2007?


Office_testIf you don’t want to download the public beta of Office 2007, there’s another option: you can run the Office Test-Drive over your web browser. This is a great idea as the Office download is around 440 MB, but there’s a bit lacking on the implementation.

First off all, you have to use Internet Explorer, which although expected, is disappointing. If you want to show products off to current and potential customers, do you really want to place barriers in their way? (Robert: since you don’t leave until tomorrow, can you hit someone over the head today?) Worse yet: Microsoft should have outsourced the serving of the test drive to Google or someone else who can handle the load. The last time I checked on the test drive, there was a 248 minute wait time based on the screencap shown; you might as well just download the thing after all. ;)

(via Netscape)



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