Sprite Backup giveaway at MobileTechReview


Mobile_tech_reviewI’m feeling remorse for all of the folks that don’t have 700w’s and can’t get Sprite Backup for free, so here’s a shot at winning a copy of Sprite Backup for your Windows Mobile device. Hop on over to MobileTechReview between now and June 30th to enter for a chance to win one of five copies of the utility.

You’ll need to post a "I shoulda backed up" or "worst data loss" story and my guess is that something clever and entertaining might help your cause. How do I know that? Here’s the first line of the first entry: "It was a cold, winters morning, and I had woken to the beeping of my dear iPAQ h2210, who had gotten me up on time for months and months." If nothing else, these stories are worth the read alone. ;)


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