Sony UX90 gets flash memory for lighter, faster, longer mobile computing

Sony_ux50_1We knew it was comin’, and according to Digital World Tokyo, the Sony Vaio UX90 handheld computer just got 16 GB of internal flash memory in lieu of a hard drive. As if that’s not enough for folks, Sony also popped in one-seg mobile television functionality for folks in Japan which is semi-underwhelming since that DTV format is 320×160 at 15 fps; the Sony screen can handle so much more. It does make me wonder when we’re really gonna get moving on our DVB-H standards over here. Anyway, the Japanese model will still retail for around $1,800, so no real movement on the price.

Utilizing speedy flash memory with no moving parts instead of the hard drive, Sony claims to have dropped the weight by 28g and boosted the operating speed by three to six times while increasing battery life by up to 13% as well; the battery life might be the more important spec increase since a mobile device is only as good for as long at its got juice.


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