Sammy is restored!

SammyLife without Sammy was difficult, but I made it through the rough patch in our relationship no worse for wear. The Samsung Q1 system restore went just fine although I learned a thing or two along the way. I also want to thank Rich for his offer of support too (even though he’s ditching his Q1; that’s OK Rich, Sammy and I forgive you!).

I now have my AVStation functionality restored, which I lost after my 1 GB RAM upgrade. I’m also back to just a single Windows XP partition; previously I had a second partition with the then-latest Vista build installed. Perhaps I’ll add Vista again after another build or two; there’s no rush and I wouldn’t want Sammy to suffer from multiple-personality disorders between Vista and XP. ;)

Read on for some additional info and a pic of what Samsung software you can select to reinstall.

Even though it’s common sense, I’ll mention that you should back up your device before a system restore. I used the Microsoft Windows Live OneCare backup on the Q1 and it worked just fine. Also make sure you have a USB keyboard attached to the Q1 or you won’t get through the installation process.

First up is the AVStation Now CD. I wouldn’t think that this is the first step of the undocumented process, but after trying it a different way, it is. If you’ve lost AVStation, you need to start here and you also have to use the option to install AVStation after a hard disk format. Again, I tried just a reinstall with no format, but I didn’t get my AVStation functionality back.

Next up is the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 reinstall. This is pretty standard if you’ve ever reinstalled the Tablet PC Edition before; nothing "UMPC-ish" about this step. You’ll occasionally get warnings that your display settings aren’t optimized, but that’s just because the Samsung software and Intel drivers aren’t there yet. I just clicked past the warnings and had zero installation issues. Of interesting note: I was never prompted for a product or license key, which is good because I don’t see one on the CD; my take is that the CD is configured specifically for the Samsung Q1. Once you’re done with this step, you basically have a standard Windows XP Tablet Edition PC. There’s no TouchPack, touchscreen, and no working hardware buttons, which leads me to the final step.

Last on the list is to restore the Samsung Q1-specific software and drivers. Here’s the promised screenshot because you should see all of the available and required options. There’s not too much "crapware" here and I chose not to install everything as shown below.Samsung

Obviously, some of the items are really needed for the UMPC functionality, while others (after using them the past few weeks) I’ve opted to leave off for now. I can always add or remove the Samsung applications later.

If you’re going to completely wipe and restore a Q1, remember you’ll need a USB keyboard as well as a USB optical drive. Allow for at least two hours and minimal prompting just to get back to the factory default configuration. Although the process is undocumented, it’s relatively straightforward if you follow the right order of CDs: AVStation Now, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, Samsung System Software.



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