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RIM Goes 3G

RIM, the makers of the highly addictive Blackberry device has gone 3G. The company today launched 8707, a version of its very popular 8700 series device in Ireland that runs on Vodafone’s UMTS Network. RIM claims it can be used as a broadband modem that can be connected to the laptops.

RIM needed to make this move since a whole slew of new devices that utilize the 3G networks are hitting the stores in Europe. One challenger is Nokia E61 which frankly is one of the best since it can do plain vanilla email, Exchange Mail (without blackberry) and Blackberry EMail. (In fact, I ended up buying one on my London trip.) It also is 3G ready and has WiFi. 8707 seems to be a pretty good device, and can help fight off the new 3G ready challengers.

6 Responses to “RIM Goes 3G”

  1. Sorry about the post error. I will continue. …always on for Blackberry connnect. When you have an incoming or outgoing call the Blackberry conncet packet data is placed on hold. At the end of the call it must intiate the GPRS pathway again. The problem is that quite frequently (50% of the time) it could not engage the BB conncet and I needed to reboot. Also settings on e61 are so layered, so deep, so fragmented that its hard to know where to go to change any settings. Lock and unlock on the device is also cumbersome and could be easier. On the plus side the phone is crystal clear and holds that signal. The browser is fun, new exciting to use. Good calendar as well. If you rely on Blackberry Internet Service and use the BB connect you may find it too unreliable for your messaging needs and resort back to the BB.

  2. Would love to hear more about the E61. I’ve been thinking about picking one up on eBay for use here in the States to replace my Treo 650. How’s it working with your MacBook Pro?


    RIM went 3g many months ago! They launched the 7130e which is EVDO capable with Verizon. Been using it for a month, nothing to complain.