Microsoft Buys iView

That’s right, Microsoft bought iView, the makers of Media Pro. While Yan, the founder of iView is expectedly optimistic about this move, I’m not so much. Yan attempts to quash fears of mac users (such as myself) by saying:

The product that was born on the Mac will remain on the Mac as well as on the Windows operating system.

I’m surprisingly not overjoyed at his statement. While I truly hope that the app that many of us have come to know as iView Media Pro (3) will only continue to evolve into the continued dominant Digital Asset Manager for OSX (and other platforms), I’m not going to hold my breath.

I suppose time will tell. How do you feel about this move? Think Microsoft will dump the Mac support in coming years? Think they’ll continue developing it, only to allow it’s slow death a la Vista? Let’s hear what you think, TAB/Media Pro fans.

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