Microsoft Buys iView


The product that was born on the Mac will remain on the Mac as well as on the Windows operating system.

I’m surprisingly not overjoyed at his statement. While I truly hope that the app that many of us have come to know as iView Media Pro (3) will only continue to evolve into the continued dominant Digital Asset Manager for OSX (and other platforms), I’m not going to hold my breath.

I suppose time will tell. How do you feel about this move? Think Microsoft will dump the Mac support in coming years? Think they’ll continue developing it, only to allow it’s slow death a la Vista? Let’s hear what you think, TAB/Media Pro fans.


Chuck Savage

I’m digital photograher and an experienced Mac and PC user. Having been through a business aquisiton by MS, I wouldn’t give one whit for their pronouncements for calming down the apprehensive mac users. It’s standard corporate happy talk while factions behind the scenes at MS battle to make iView into whatever each thinks it should be. I don’t believe there is any comprehensive development plan in place so, as with other MS aquisitions, I predict iView will flounder.

The bright side is Adobe Lightroom. Although it’s just v1.something, the architecture will allow it to become a worthy successor to the iView functionality – up till now my application of choice for digital asset management.

Metadata portabiltiy will make it possible to move from iView to Lightroom but LR makes it hard to begin anywhere else once you use it. Also both use unique ways of grouping and flagging that are not portable between applications although iView’s flexible enough to provide workarounds. So for now I’m trying to integrate both into my workflow until the LR database matures.

Kirk Brooks

I bought iView last fall w/o realizing it had become a Microsoft product. Pity – iView has been a great product. I am not swayed by the happy chat proclaiming the product’s Mac heritage. Excel began as a Mac product as well. I think it will inevitably be buried under the weight of bloated Microsoft “functionality.”

There is nothing beneficial about Microsoft from a creative standpoint and less from a Mac standpoint. I am still using iView but doubt seriously I’ll take whatever upgrade comes next. As a Mac user it’s time to look for the door.

I was impressed with the Lightroom beta and what I saw of it at Macworld. It’s released today and is the direction I’m moving in. It makes sense in many ways – Photoshop is the philosophically more Mac and integrating with Photoshop is what most of us need to do. Lightroom uses the Photoshop engine. And the workflow through Lightroom is looking pretty good these days.


Again, the Microsoft=666 view is clouding judgement. We simply don’t know what they will do with the product, but the fact that Redmond wanted it verifies what you and I know: iView is a great product.

Who knows what the future holds? Microsoft has never been shy about making money off the Mac platform, since its very beginning. The Mac Business Unit is still there, hopefully they’ll pick it up and keep developing it.


I too have been using iView seamlessly since it’s inception and just went to upgrade to 3 pro and was completely devestated to see that horrifying corporate robberbaron symbol of mediocrity attached to the once-familiar smiling iView banner. In all this time there simply has not been one real contender to the throne that iView has dominated over all these years. It has become such an indispensible tool for me as a successful artist and designer that I couldn’t think of using anything else. And nothing else comes close, I guarantee you. Anyway, I’m crestfallen that iView sold its soul to the highest bidder and in effect, made a deal with the devil himself: Microsoft. Microsoft will bury iView support for Apple. Extensis, Apple and Adobe will invariably try to fill in the gap but not with the profound functionality and ease of use that iView brought to the table. iView was the best at what it did–the very best. Apple should have purchased iView and somehow merged it with iPhoto or dropped the iPhoto bomb altogether. No doubt the founder is surfing in Southern France now and I applaud his success but geez, I’m sure he could have done well enough NOT to sell to MS. RIP iView.


I’ve been watching this whole fracas from a distance. I’ve used iView since it first came out, I don’t even know how long ago (1997 maybe? Seems like forever). I just upgraded to version 3, and I’m pretty pleased with it in general.

Reading through the forums at iView, nearly all the FUD is coming from users who simply have no information to indicate that MS is going to kill it. They bought iView for the engineers, a solid app, and an opportunity to improve integration on some future products. Yan (CEO) says there are no plans to kill the popular Mac versions, which at US$199 each for the Pro versions are likely good investments.

@ Steve – embedding metadata in images is a *good* thing. v.3 just added this feature, which makes your management futureproof – it doesn’t matter what app you use after that. Spotlight, Bridge (uck!), Aperture, Portfolio – these are going to recognize that metadata. Any DAM app worth its salt will let you (like iView) import, rename, etc. then sync metadata somehow.

At any rate, iView – and only iView – does what I need right now (media management, on multiple platforms, that’s deeply scriptable). I just got 9 licenses for our organization, and I’m looking forward to seeing where MS’s formidable engineering resources will take iView.

Steve P

I’m not all that excited about this. Remember what happened after Micro$loth acquired FoxPro? VirtualPC? They’ve basically “dead-ended”….

I did notice one rather scary comment mentioned by a previous reply: If they “embed” tags that make it impossible to move to other solutions, it’s gonna get “ugly”…. And frustrating…



Well it’s scary, very scary. M$ buying out everything they can’t (decently)produce. But hopefully some good wil come from this, for windows users at least, maybe they will incorporate it in vista! :)
Media pro is a handy app.


Looks like MS want’s to create an better iPhoto knock-off, especially if iView has already written the Intel version of the app. If they can’t write it themselves, they buy it. Say goodbye to anything more than a few minor Mac updates.

Dinesh Jeram

Another good product with no future left on the Macintosh platform, I think this is the bell ringing that all iView users should look for an alternative product. As far as the Yan is concerned well he made his $$$ should he care anymore?…would you?

Nathan Jones

It doesn’t help that I dislike Microsoft and the way they operate. If I liked MS, I might not have such a sour taste in my mouth. But aside from a dislike of the new owner, I am concerned about the changes that might happen to the software.

It hadn’t occured to me that the Mac version might be in danger until it was mentioned (extensively) on the iView forums. I worry more about other changes that might take iView in a bad direction, or introduce lock-in to prevent people from taking their assets to other software.


Well it worries me enough that while I have been considering buying iView earlier, I am not going to consider it anymore. I am not buying a product which have a good chance of not getting anymore updates.


They hardly ‘dropped’ internet explorer… aparently they still think it’s a usable browser… … HA!

Never used iView though so I’m not really hurting… Is it essentially just a cataloguing app (delicious library) and a convertion utility (virtual hub) rolled into one with some various ways to use the media (slideshows, presentations, etc)?


If the trends with Microsoft continue, they will only continue their support if it can remain the leader in the industry. They dropped IE because of Safari/Firefox and they keep Office for the Mac because everyone still needs it. I suppose it also depends on how easily Yan is brought into the fold at Microsoft and in what capacity. iView website is already sporting a prominant Microsoft logo which caught me off guard.

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