Let Spire Carry Your Next Mac

I’m a bag whore. I’ve got piles of them laying around my basement. I’d buy one, use it, figure out what I didn’t like about it, and I’d move on to the next one. This went on for many years – drove my wife crazy! (“Another bag? you’ve already got n bags laying on the floor down there!” You’d think a woman with that many purses would get it…) But my pursuit of the perfect bag/addiction came to an end about 3 years ago, when I found SpireUSA.com.

After getting my 17″ PowerBook, I was determined to carry it in a manner that protected it in the best way possible. At the time, 17″ laptops were totally new, and no one seemed to carry products that catered to that size of portable. Somehow I found Spire Bags, and the rest is history. I still carry the Endo XL to this day, even though I’ve since moved on from my 17″ PowerBook (to a 15″ PowerBook, to a 13″ MacBook). The bag is built to withstand everything. And it carries everything too.

Spire will sell you anything from messenger (over the shoulder) bags, to backpacks, to laptop sleeves. They’ve got plenty to choose from, and they can easily tell you which bags are best suited for your model of laptop – be it Apple, Dell, or whatever. There’s a lifetime guarantee on all their bags, and their customer service is excellent. (My bag developed a loose stitch over the course of a couple years of intense use. They had it repaired and back to me almost before I noticed its absence.) Plus, I’ve gotta give props to a local company, as they’re located not far north of me, in Boulder, Colorado.

If you’re in the market for an exceptional bag to carry your next mac, do yourself a favor and check out Spire’s line of products first.


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