Let Spire Carry Your Next Mac


I’m a bag whore. I’ve got piles of them laying around my basement. I’d buy one, use it, figure out what I didn’t like about it, and I’d move on to the next one. This went on for many years – drove my wife crazy! (“Another bag? you’ve already got n bags laying on the floor down there!” You’d think a woman with that many purses would get it…) But my pursuit of the perfect bag/addiction came to an end about 3 years ago, when I found SpireUSA.com.

After getting my 17″ PowerBook, I was determined to carry it in a manner that protected it in the best way possible. At the time, 17″ laptops were totally new, and no one seemed to carry products that catered to that size of portable. Somehow I found Spire Bags, and the rest is history. I still carry the Endo XL to this day, even though I’ve since moved on from my 17″ PowerBook (to a 15″ PowerBook, to a 13″ MacBook). The bag is built to withstand everything. And it carries everything too.

Spire will sell you anything from messenger (over the shoulder) bags, to backpacks, to laptop sleeves. They’ve got plenty to choose from, and they can easily tell you which bags are best suited for your model of laptop – be it Apple, Dell, or whatever. There’s a lifetime guarantee on all their bags, and their customer service is excellent. (My bag developed a loose stitch over the course of a couple years of intense use. They had it repaired and back to me almost before I noticed its absence.) Plus, I’ve gotta give props to a local company, as they’re located not far north of me, in Boulder, Colorado.

If you’re in the market for an exceptional bag to carry your next mac, do yourself a favor and check out Spire’s line of products first.



i’ve had a spire endo for three years and it’s the best bag i’ve ever had. i got it as a hand-me-down from my husband, when he got a new laptop — and a new spire Volt XL backpack to carry it. i can’t wait for him to pass that one down to me, too. these bags never die! and never look tired. we’ve told friends and family galore and now we’re all simply devoted. viva spire!


I am definitely getting a Spire. Has anyone noticed if there is more room for the power cord if you buy the horizontal vs. the vertical? Also, has anyone found a list of stores that carry their products? I am huge fan of Mikey’s Hook-Up in Williamburg, Brooklyn, NY (http://www.mikeyshookup.com/) since they actually know what they are talking about and that’s where I first discovered Spires.

Michael S

I have had a Spire for about 6 years. The handle on it started to rip about 7 months after I got it and they exchanged it, no problem. I’m looking at the Crumpler site and thinking I might need a new bag too…


I bought a Meta from Spire a year or so ago and love the bag. It’s built like a rock and I love that it’s a huge bag when i need it to be and it compresses down really nicely when I am just around town. I travel a good amount and the bag is perfect for this because I can get a couple of changes of clothes, all of my tech stuff, and more comfortably. I perform as an electronic musician and Love that I can fit my live set up all inside my bag so i can keep all of my stuff with me in one place…

Adam Strasberg

I’m Adam, and I have a bag fetish.

I believe there is a perfect bag for any occasion. Bags litter my closet representing periods of my life — new jobs, new computers, new challenges.

I used to use the Timbuk2 Commute XL. I liked it, but found it was too small for my needs. I have a 15″ Macbook pro and I like to carry stuff, my moleskin, a notepad, pens, ipod, current book I’m reading, sunglasses, pens (also a pen fetish) plus whatever else I need to throw in there (sippy cup, new purchase, etc).

These days I’m using the Timbuk2 Outtawhack which is sightly bigger than the Commute XL and has a little more organization. Not sold on it yet, but the fact that it can convert into a backpack has come in handy at least a couple of times.

I’ve also got an Osprey Transit (http://www.ospreypacks.com/packs/42/Transit/) which is a pretty good size, and has one particularly good feature: a molded front panel. While this adds width to the bag, it gives it a wide-mouth opening which I like a lot, and leaves space for a lot of gear.

My only regret is that I just bought those two bags, and I’ll need to wait at least 6 months in order to justify another purchase.


good call with the spire. i ordered an endo back in ’98 when I graduated, and the damn thing just wouldn’t die! I couldn’t get myself to buy a new bag because this one was still in perfect working order. I finally gave up last month when I got a new MBP and it thankfully wouldn’t fit. oops, doesn’t work, gotta donate the endo and buy a new one.


I have an endo for my 15″ pb and LOVE it! The only issue I’ve had is with the clasp on the strap coming off but the guys at Spire have been quick to send me not just a new clip/clasp but a whole new strap! Couldn’t be happier.


Sorry, had a Spire, handle started unraveling where it attached to the bag after very little use. They wanted me to pay for shipping. I thought this was unfair as it was obviously a manufacturing defect. Better bags are Booq, or Waterfield. I guess you get what you pay for.


I have a Spire also, a Zoom, used it for 3-4 years to carry my TiBook and PB 15-inch. But when I got my MBP, I looked around again because my Spire was showing its age, and it lacked some features I wanted. And I found my way to Tom Bihn again. And this time I ordered. Got a Brain Bag, and I have to say that it seems better built than my Spire. Fully loaded, it does get bigger, but then, that’s the point. And the integration of the laptop sleeve is more effective in my view. I still recommend Spire to folks who want to spend less than Tom Bihn charges, and the current Zoom is nicely updated [though not in red anymore],but I don’t think they’re as good.


Whilst not yet out for the 13″ Macbook I’d have to put my hand up for crumpler’s line of “School Hymn”s. I’ve got a 2yr old one for my (now retired to sister) iBook and it’s the *best* i’ve seen out there. It’s quite rigid for protection, and enables you to leave the laptop sitting in it when in use (check out http://www.crumpler.com.au for more details).

Not sure how big crumpler are in the states, but they’re huge in Aus (where they were lovingly born) and Europe (when I was over there I couldn’t escape them!)


Nice looking bags.

I have been buying Waterfield Design Bags for a number of years now. I first bought a sleeve for my 12″ iBook after a lot of research. Every person in my family with laptops has gotten a sleeve from them. :) Waterfield Designs.

Some days I just grab the sleeve and put it in a non-desript bag, other times I put the laptop in the sleeve and put it in a computer looking bag.

I do like the looks of the Tom Bihn bags too.

John Truong

I second that! I’ve been using Spire bags and notebook sleeves for years, starting when I had a ThinkPad. The quality is great and the designs are very thoughtful. A bit pricey, especially for a Canadian like me, but well worth it.


my vote is for patagonia’s half mass bag. I put my 12″ powerbook inside a semi hard foam sleeve and then slip it into the bags built in laptop sleeve. great protection. The best thing is the bag doesn’t have the problem that 99% of bags on the market have….it doesn’t look like a laptop is hanging on your shoulder. Most of the bags look like padded boxes..not cool. the bag also can be used for other things too.


I’m personally am addicted to booqbags but these look nice (and less expensive!).

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