Grocery shopping with a Tablet PC: the experiment

M200 Jezlyn over at Late to the Party is trying everything possible to help her decide on a new mobile device. Will it be a Toshiba Tablet PC? How about the upcoming new Asus UMPC? Will she say heck with it all and just buy a lifetime supply of Post-It notes??? ;)

Well, there’s nothing better than use cases or usage scenarios, so Jezlyn took her current Tablet, a Toshiba M200 (good choice BTW), for a little grocery shopping excursion. We never recommend taking Tablets to the grocery store because they’re just like kids; everytime you’re not looking, they snag something bad to eat off the shelves and sneak it into the cart. Luckily, Jezlyn kept a good eye on her Tosh. So good in fact, that she stayed closer to the cart than ever before while shopping, just to play it safe.

After writing out a shopping list in MindManager, the experiment ensued, all without a hitch. The entire point of the exercise was to simulate shopping with an UMPC on hand, and although the M200 is much bigger and probably not best suited for this, it sounds like the test passed to me. On a personal note: we see that Jezlyn propped up her M200 in the child seat area of the cart yet there is no mention of using the safety strap. For heaven’s sake people: secure your mobile devices, would ya? ;)

(via GottaBeMobile)



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