Dude, you’ve got an EV-DO ExpressCard!

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Dell_evdoOne of these days, we’ll let the "Dell Dude" die a quiet death. Not today though because Dell just released an EV-DO ExpressCard. Gnarly, dude! The Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband card is a rebadge of a Novatel offering and works on the Verizon Wireless network. Watch for availability later this week at a price of $179, which includes the first month of EV-DO service. After that, you and the Dell Dude will pay the standard $59.99 a month when paired with a voice plan or $79.99 a month for a standalone plan. Now if we can just get a bunch of notebooks with the ExpressCard slot, we’d actually have a place to put these. Besides at these prices, I’m liking the less expensive (and less-approved by VZW) method of tethering an EV-DO phone.

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Josh Bancroft

I love how all of the ExpressCard EVDO cards that are coming out are not Mac compatible, and yet, the only laptop I know of that even has an ExpressCard slot is the MacBook Pro…

The irony is delicious. In a painful sort of way.

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