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BerryCasting lives with Sona media player for BlackBerry

SonamobilevideoplayerblackberryJust two short months ago (to the day, no less) we mentioned Sona’s media player for Blackberry devices; looks like the berry is ripe for the pickin’ because Sona’s player is ready for harvest. Some folks are already adding to their Blackberry addiction as evidenced by screenshots and a review of the new Blackberry Media Player from Sona. Lucky for all of us, only those addicted to the Blackberry 7130e and 8100 can add the player. Hmm…now that I think about it, the Blackberry PR folks were supposed to get us a unit way back when. Hey, we want in on the streaming too!

(via I4U)


One Response to “BerryCasting lives with Sona media player for BlackBerry”

  1. Scotty

    i DL’d it to my 7130e and there are exactly three (3) video clips to DL into the player right now.

    This is almost as good as the Realplayer offerings at the AT&T 3G roll out. Alas not even close to what V.Cast offers.

    The audio was decent, the video was very grainy and the image the size of a postage stamp (literally, I covered it with a postage stamp!)

    So far, a big *yawn*, nothing to get jealous about yet.