Battery-free mouse has animal magnetism

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Magnetic_mouseI always carry two spare batteries (Panasonic Oxyrides, if you must know) for my mobile devices that can use them, but if I buy this mouse, I can dump a few of those power sticks. The wireless mouse and pad made by A4 Tech will set you back $24.99 over at Amazon and doesn’t use batteries. Instead, the USB-powered mousepad actually charges the mouse magnetically. I’m not sure how well (or how poor) this would work, but for $25, I might give it a go, just like all of the other neopheliacs out there.

(via Geek24)


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Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Wait a second, I’m reading the data sheet and everything from the manufacturer’s website ( and there’s no mention of “charging” the mouse. Closest I found is “Magical Mouse Pad directly power activated the mouse”, which may (or may not – hard to decipher) mean this mouse only works while on the pad. Not seeing a lot of upside to this system vs. using a battery-free USB mouse or carrying an extra AAA battery for a wireless mouse.

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