Vonage prepping USB V-phone

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Vonage_vphone Jeffrey A. Citron, the chairman of Vonage, tipped the company’s hand by sharing into on the V-phone today. No major details were provided, but the USB device is clearly geared to let Vonage customers make VoIP calls on the go. Given the recent FCC vote to tax VoIP calls that utilize public telephone networks, this could be welcome news to Vonage users and investors alike.

(via TechMeme)


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I’m a Vonage customer and love the service, but I’ve never used their softphone service because it requires a separate phone number and an additional monthly charge. If with this device I can make or recieve calls as if I were at home on my primary phone line, I’m all for it. If it’s just another flavor of softphone, requiring a separate line, then it’s not very useful to me.

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