HP iPAQ hw6915 for $875, or roughly one TabletKiosk UMPC


Hw6915I realize that the $875 price-tag is a non-carrier, unsubsidized price, but almost $900 for HP’s iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger? That won’t make for a Happy 4th of July when the phone is available, er wait; it got pushed back a week already. Did the price increase too? ;)

I don’t anticipate many will be sold at this price when you can get a TabletKiosk eo for $25 more. While neither the eo nor any of the other handheld computers have native cellular integration, you could certainly use VoIP services in a WiFi hotspot plus do a whole heck of a bunch more than a Smartphone.

Hey, it’s your money, so don’t let us stop you from dropping nine c-notes on your next phone here. ;)

(via MobilitySite)




People aren’t gonna go, “Yeah, why should I buy this cellphone when I can buy an UMPC.” I know it’s pretty expensive, but the XDA Atom and the HTC Universal are comparable in price. Also, in my opinion, the HP hw6915 is a mature practical gadget, while UMPCs, in their current stage, are more like toys.

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