Freeware of the moment: TJU’s personal health records management

Tju_1Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is a network of healthcare professionals local to my area in Philadelphia, but there’s a nice bit of freeware they offer and I don’t see any reason not to spread it nationwide. If you hit TJU’s site, you can request a free CD-ROM application that will allow you to track your personal healthcare records. I work in the healthcare industry and I would love to see more use of tech like this; more often than not, your own personal health records are a real hassle to get and switching doctors tends to be a nightmare.

With the TJU application you can:

  • record doctor visits
  • set automatic reminders
  • organize immunization schedules and more

While it sounds fairly simple in terms of functionality and you can’t use these records for actual files at a doctors office, it’s a start. Have a healthy day and if you request the CD, tell ‘em jkOTR sent you. Remember: mobile tech every day keeps the doctor and desktop away!



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