Freeware of the moment: TJU’s personal health records management

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Tju_1Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is a network of healthcare professionals local to my area in Philadelphia, but there’s a nice bit of freeware they offer and I don’t see any reason not to spread it nationwide. If you hit TJU’s site, you can request a free CD-ROM application that will allow you to track your personal healthcare records. I work in the healthcare industry and I would love to see more use of tech like this; more often than not, your own personal health records are a real hassle to get and switching doctors tends to be a nightmare.

With the TJU application you can:

  • record doctor visits
  • set automatic reminders
  • organize immunization schedules and more

While it sounds fairly simple in terms of functionality and you can’t use these records for actual files at a doctors office, it’s a start. Have a healthy day and if you request the CD, tell ’em jkOTR sent you. Remember: mobile tech every day keeps the doctor and desktop away!


1 Comment

Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records provides benefits such as storing and sharing of patients’ health records ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patients’ information. This wipes out all the errors, associated with the conventional paper based system. It collects and stores the patients’ health information data from all the sources like hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and insurance companies etc.

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