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Sidekick 3 Sells for $4050 on eBay

Now some of us have been lucky enough to test out the Sidekick 3 – for instance, The Engadget Boys and Phone Scoop Gang – but even they could not have predicted the mad dash for the new Danger Hiptop, aka T-Mobile Sidekick 3.

One of these puppies just sold for a whopping $4050 on eBay. Not bad for a product that is soon to hit the market, and will be pushed hard by both T-Mobile, and Danger. The phone/communicator is going to cost $300 and is likely to be available later this week. Still, this does indicate good times ahead for Danger and T-Mobile. It is a nice device – with a far superior keyboard compared to the Sidekick 2, bluetooth, ability to play music and even vCard support.

With all the celebrities (and some infamous people like Paris Hilton) pimping it out, expect this one to be a monster hit. T-Mobile had a big party for the Sidekick 3 launch in LA recently. Check out some of the photos here. Even more photos of the event at PopSugar.

16 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Sells for $4050 on eBay”

  1. Ghosthitman

    I think it’s great! The release didn’t get pushed back as much as the SK1 and 2. Although, I’m upset that there’s still no video playback. Pratically all smartphones play video except for the sidekick. :-( I have an SK1. I will probably upgrade to SK3.

  2. I think the Side kick it was up! I have the side kick II and just upgraded the SK3. All SK2 was missing was being able to play music. Now SK3 can play music, take better pics and the internet is much faster. What more do you want from a phone. Yea Verizon has better internet service but it also cost you a arm and a leg. SK3 is the one of the top 2 phones out there. Oh I forgot blue tooth. It’s settled everyone go get a SK3

  3. The bidder wins it, then loses it in 6 months, then loses it, then it is found by the same 15 year-old girl who bought the $50 Sidekick 2, and uses it extensively. The police track her down, only to find it is the same girl who stole the Sidekick 2, and she is thrown in jail, finally. The Sidekick 3 is returned to the owner, only to find that the LCD screen is smashed in. He throws it into the trash. Only to be found by a NY bum.

  4. I WOULD spend over $4000 on a Gaming PC, but not on a phone!

    Who spends more than an hour a day “using” the phone (as in playing a game, typing, using the UI; not actually talking)?

    $ 300 is pushing it for a phone, but hey, You get braging rights for having the “first” SideKick 3 I guess… ::rolls eyes::

    I’m glad someone is happy, and has that ammount of money to spend on a cell…

    –Jon Z

  5. Paris Hilton may not be many things(talented, for instance, or intelligent), but she most definitely is a celebrity. And since she was the celebrity who brought the Sidekick to the homes of readers of Entertainment Weekly, let’s not downplay her role as evangelizer of cool gadgets.

  6. skeptic

    Could just be a great publicity stunt on Danger’s part. Drive up the price on Ebay and take advantage of the best $4050 marketing dollars you could ever spend!

  7. coulda been worse…coulda been another gmail address selling for the hundreds…or a tomagatchi for hundreds…btw, just read your newest bus 2.0 column – really good stuff.