Sandisk 1GB SD card down to $29 starting tomorrow


Sd_1gb_straight_1While I’m restoring Sammy to his factory defaults, I had some time to review the advertisements that hit the newspapers tomorrow. Circuit City will be dishing out 1GB Sandisk SD cards for only $29 after a $12 instant savings and an $18 rebate. This was too good a deal not to pass along for folks that have SD card readers in their notebooks, cameras, phones or other mobile devices!



Jack Davis

I recently bought a SanDisk Compact Flash 512 MB at BestBuy for $5 AR. SanDisk is my favorite brand, but this one seems to be of an earlier, slower generation. The speed is terrible. It is not marked as to speed. The SD cards may be the same. Probably the mini and even micro SD cards with adapters are the faster ones.


These things (shall we call them 1st generation SD cards?) are obviously being unloaded to make room for the newer models. Even in Germany, a popular “big box” electronics retailer (Media Markt) is selling name-brand 1 GB SD cards for 27 Euros (that’s about $33.75 at current exchange rates) — and that’s the walk-out price, no rebates necessary.

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